Frequently Asked Questions, have a look here for any questions you have about our live music performances...

Here are all the details you should need to know about Band de Jour and some things that you probably don't care about. 

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The Band

Q: Tell me more about Band de Jour?

Band de Jour is a four piece Rock & Indie covers band based in and around South East London. We play a popular mix of classic and contemporary mix of music. Our style is fresh sounding rock and indie music - a combination of old favourites and recently released charting songs. If you enjoy a mix of Absolute Radio and XFM then you'll love the songs we play. For a bit more info about the band members, have a look at our bio page.

Is it always the same band members who perform?

With the exception of emergencies, Band de Jour always uses the same line up. We do have deputies who are well rehearsed and could stand in at the last moment should one of the band fall ill. We prefer not to accept a booking if one or more of our members are unavailable.

How long have you been performing together?

Band de Jour was formed in early 2009. However, the members are all experienced performers having played with other bands and/or as solo artists for many years. Over the years there has been the occasional change of members, but the high standards have never been compromised.

What will you wear?

As you'll see from our photos, we always wear black shirts and trousers on stage. In line with the event's dress code we can also wear jackets if necessary. When setting up, we are smartly presented (just in case our mums happen to be there!).

Are the band CRB checked?

As it happens, one or more (we can't fully disclose this info), of the band members does hold a current CRB certificate, but this isn't really relevant to what we do... why would you be asking that???

Do you have any special requirements?

Yes... no brown M&Ms, all furniture and walls must be white, 5 fresh towels to be provided... Ok, it's a lot simpler than that really: We really appreciate having some space where we can we can warm up and get ready for the show. Ideally this is somewhere we can put all the bags and cases, has seating and is suitable for 5 people to get changed in (with a mirror if possible) . We're also very grateful when we get fed and watered - please do not go over the top though! In the same way that you wouldn’t have a big meal before going for a workout at the gym, the band are not big eaters (at least not before a gig!). Something put to one side for later (when we've finished) is normally ideal. The band will never abuse a free bar (or the staff behind one). We'll send you a full list of things we need to make sure your event goes smoothly (our 'rider') during the booking process.


How do we book you?

The easiest way to book the band is to start by completing our contact form. We will then confirm our availability (or otherwise) and provide you with a quote for your event. If (like me) you hate filling forms out, you can call us on 07889 379966 and we can kick things off there and then. We will however need email confirmation of your booking to secure it.

If the band are already booked, can we offer you more money?

That's very kind of you, but no, we won't cancel a booking because we've got a better offer - that's no way to run a business is it??? We want you to come back to us time and time again (though hopefully not because you keep getting married). We consider our integrity to be a vital asset. If you've just won the lottery though...

If I'm booking through an agent, can I deal with the band directly?

With the agent's agreement you may discuss the finer details with us. Out of courtesy and professional practice, any matters relating to payments or contracts must be discussed solely with the agent. We'd love you to re-book us for another event, which if held within 12 months needs to be booked through the same agent.

How far will you travel ?

As we are based in Bromley (South East London/North Kent), we typically cover the London/Kent/Surrey/Sussex/Essex areas. If your event is further away, we may still consider playing for you but this may incur additional cost. We will confirm whether this is the case at the time off booking. For our longer trips, we have access to a tour bus (sorry, it's a groupie free zone - house rules), so in theory there's little restriction on where we can venture to given the time and an agreed rate. By the way, we're keen skiers and welcome offers for resort based tours.

Will we need to book a DJ?

We can supply music before, between and after our sets at no extra cost, through the use of playlists from an mp3 player or laptop. We have pre-programmed playlists that can be used for this purpose, or you can supply your own source of pre-recorded music (all it needs is a standard headphone socket). Please let us know well in advance if you have any specific requirements.

Can we book a DJ through you too?

Yes! We have trusted DJs who we can recommend and we know work well alongside us. We can co-ordinate the booking for you and provide you with a single quote for both band and 'live DJ' if you desire. If you prefer to book a DJ direct, we would be happy to work alongside them.

Where can I see you play?

We’d love you to come down to one of our public gigs. Details can be found on our gigs page on this website, or for free email updates, sign upto our Tour Dates listing. For regular news updates, join our our facebook page and/or follow us on twitter. There are also some demo tracks available on this website. Out of respect for our event hosts (and for you when you book us!), we can't invite you to any of our private bookings.

Set Up

How long do you take to set up?

Depending on the event and venue after we arrive, it normally takes between one and two hours for us to be ready to play. If your schedule cannot accommodate this, we can arrange for extra roadies to help speed things up (we'll make sure they wash), however, this may incur an additional cost (getting the roadies along, not making sure they wash). On the flip side, we have been known to turn around a festival stage in 10 minutes.

When do you arrive to set up?

We will normally arrive between two and three hours before the start of our performance, depending on the event.

Can you arrive in the morning to set up for an evening event?

Yes. However, at our discretion, an extra fee may be applicable depending on the circumstances.

What if you can't do a soundcheck?

It's normally possible to squeeze in a quick soundcheck (about 5-10 mins) even when running to a very tight timescale. When guests are present, we'll announce what's about to happen so that it doesn't cause annoyance (and we'll tell them when it's over so they don't think it's still a soundcheck when we start - that's the cue for them to start their Beatlemania style hysteria). If however there is no way we can soundcheck, then we will use our experience to adjust our settings during the first few songs that we play (but wouldn't you want those opening chords to sound as great as the rest of the performance?). Please advise us at the time of booking if this restriction is going to apply.

What space do you need to play in?

We love to play on big stages (and have experience performing in some of the UK's biggest venues). However, those events are unfortunately rare for us, so we'll settle for an area at least 4.5m (15ft) wide by 3m (10ft) deep. If your venue cannot accommodate that space, then we can use an alternative lighting rig (as long as we know in advance), and/or reduce the lighting effects we use. We will still need enough space to put a drum kit and swing 3 guitars around though so we can't be compressed too much smaller. We will also need a minimum of four double sockets within easy reach of the stage area (when using our full light set-up - two double sockets for a set-up with no lighting). For larger events, our sound/lighting engineer will also require an area 2m square within 30m of the stage.


Will the band need a PA or special lighting?

As standard, we supply our own PA and stage lighting for events up to 200 people. For larger events and events where dancefloor lighting effects are required, we have contacts within the business to source and operate the appropriate equipment (we can even scale to events where's there's in excess of 10,000 members of the public present). Please provide the number of guests and/or the venue capacity when contacting us (it's better to have an over-powered PA system that's not fully stretched than to have the band drowned out by the screaming audience).

Do you use strobe lighting?

Our lighting is controlled by computer. Some of the pre-programmed sequences have strobe effects. If this is likely to cause an issue for anybody in the audience, please let us know and we will avoid those sequences during our performance. We will still use lighting that changes colour, just at a slower rate.

Do you use fog that's going to set off the fire alarms?

Not as such... we like to use 'haze' to help show off the effects of the lights that we use. The haze is thin enough so that it is barely noticeable until a light is shone through it (and as Prof. Stephen Hawkins tells me, it refracts the light). The haze we use is water based and does not leave a residue. It also has no effect on smoke detectors - we haven't set one off yet! However despite this, some venues will not permit its use.

Can you accommodate a presentation etc?

Sure… we'd like to plan the timing of it with you before the event so that it doesn't kill the atmosphere etc, but we'd be more than happy for you to use one of our mics at the appropriate time (assuming we're set up)... we'll even give you the nod and let you know which raffle ticket numbers we've got - 2nd prize is normally sufficient to keep the drummer happy.

We've got a DJ coming too - are there going to be speakers and wires everywhere?

Great, we love working with DJs, whether we've recommended them or not. We'll speak to the DJ beforehand (with your permission) then subject to quality standards, we'll provide them with a stereo mixed output that they can play through their "Front of House" PA system. This means that there will only be one set of speakers 'out front', which is more efficient, tidier and reduces the overall amount of space taken up. We tend to use the DJ's PA rather than them using ours as they will typically carry on playing whilst we are packing up at the end of the night (it's not all glamour you know). If we are able to agree this with the DJ up front, we may be able to provide a discount.

How loud are you?

We can vary our volume to the occasion and the venue, from providing a semi-acoustic option to using a 10,000W PA system that will fill a field - and anything in-between. For the majority of our performances we're playing rock music at a level that allows the tone of the instruments to come through, including the drums (which tend to be the defining factor). If the venue has a sound limiter, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can make sure we're able to provide the show you're expecting.

What is your set up for our sound engineer (multi-band events)?

Summary of requirements is:
  • Inputs: 14 channels of live audio, inc 3 DI channels and 6 on kit
  • Outputs: 4 independent monitor mixes. If limited to two mixes, they should be centre/sides split and not left/right sided split. Put it down to the LSD (that's "Lead Singer's Disease" for those who found this comment by Googling it)
  • Band to provide vocal mics and backline.
  • A full tech rider can be provided upon request.

Is your equipment electrically tested?

Yes, our equipment is tested and certified. Copies available upon request.

Set Times

How long do you play for?

We usually perform two sets, the first being about 50mins and the second around 1hr 10 mins. Three sets of 40 mins each is another option... if you have specific requirements we can usually work around them, though the longest we will play without a break is 90mins. A one-hour set consists of about 15 songs (depending on whether the guitarist goes off on one of his ad-lib solos!).

How long are your breaks?

It varies... if you want to have a raffle or presentations etc between sets, we can work around that. If it's a public event and you don't want people to start leaving, we can jump back on stage as soon as we've we've stocked up on water etc (just bear in mind that this'll mean we finish earlier though). Ideally, 20-30 mins will allow people to visit the buffet, go to the bar, perhaps enjoy the DJ for a bit and then be ready to rock on with the finale of our show.

How late will you play to?

We normally quote based on finishing at or before midnight. If you'd like us to play later than that, we need to make sure the van's not going to turn into a pumpkin, so please discuss this with us at the time of booking. There may be an additional charge for late finishes.

What if we overrun - will you stop playing?

Let's be sensible about this... we want you to have a great time without getting the feeling that we're watching the clock. If things are running behind enough to cause a late finish, we'll talk about the situation and do all we can reasonably do to make sure that all parties are happy - we're there to enjoy the party too!


Do you play requests?

We'll certainly try... it's always best to let us know any requests in advance as we'll want to make sure it's well rehearsed and fresh in our minds. If the song is on our set list then it will be easy for us to make sure we include it in one of our sets for the evening. If the song isn't listed then we'll be happy to see whether it's one we could learn for your your event. Please bear in mind though that not every song is suitable for a four piece guitar based rock band to play.

Are you the right band for us - will you play 'Lady In Red'?

It's very important to us that we live up to your expectations. That means we need to set your expectations correctly - we are a lively band playing contemporary music in an energetic way - this does not suit everybody. If you're looking for a band that blends into the background while you sip cocktails at the bar then we suggest you look elsewhere, perhaps at the cruise ship market. We DO tone down our performances when it's appropriate to do so, but we do not do bland, cheesy cover versions - we aim to get you to let your hair down and have a great time. Oh, and no, we don't play 'Lady In Red', but you could always try

What about our first dance - will you play that?

If we think we can do justice to the way we think you'd like to hear the song played, then we'd be delighted to play your first dance for you. When the song isn't suitable for our style, we'll work with the DJ to have them play the original song for you and we'll pick up proceedings at the end of it and take it from there.

My mate (enter mate's name here) is a great guitarist (etc), can he play a song with you?

As a general rule this isn’t normally practical, however there may be circumstances where this can be pre-arranged if the musician is able to come along to one of our rehearsals beforehand.

Do you use backing tracks?

No, all of our performance is live. This gives us the flexibility to respond to and interact with the audience.

I see you play 'Little Lion Man', isn't that a bit sweary?

Yes we do sometimes play Little Lion Man and yes the original does contain some very strong language. As with any of the songs that we play, by default, if there are children present we will change the lyrics to a non-sweary version. We have found that the majority of people are not offended by the use of strong language when used in an artistic context, but please tell us if you feel differently and we will be happy to ensure we do not offend.


How much do you charge?

This is probably the hardest question to answer and yet we're sure it's one of the most important ones for you to know the answer to. There are many variables that go into putting an accurate quote together for you, including; location, venue size and facilities, timing, repeat bookings and the nature of your event(s). We would love to discuss your requirements so that we can provide you with an accurate and competitive quote. Please contact us for further details

Do you require a deposit?

For private events such as weddings, parties and corporate events etc, we require a 10% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. We will confirm this at the time of booking and will promptly acknowledge receipt.

How do we pay you?

If you prefer not to handle cash on the night of the event, you can pay us in advance by cheque via paypal or bank transfer, allowing sufficient time for the payment to clear. We can discuss this with you at the time of booking. We are unable to offer credit terms at this time. Please note that there are some circumstances where we will request full payment in advance of the event. If this applies then this will be discussed at the time of booking.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our quoted fees are ‘all inclusive’ and incorporate all of our expenses which will be calculated and confirmed at the time of booking. Quotes are valid for 14 days, but dates will not be closed to other bookings until your event is confirmed with us. The only time we may inform you of a change to your quoted fee is if your initial enquiry does not accurately reflect the service we need to provide.

What are your cancellation terms?

Cancellation terms of a confirmed booking are as follows: Cancellation greater than 6 months prior the event, forfeits the deposit which is non refundable. Cancellation between 1 month to 6 months prior to the event is subject to a 20% charge (including deposit paid). Cancellation less than 1 month prior to the event is subject to a cancellation fee between 50% and 100% of the full fee depending on the circumstances. This will be discussed with you should that situation arise.

What if our outdoor event is affected by the weather?

We expect event organisers to take every reasonable measure to ensure that the stage/performance area is protected from the elements. Should weather conditions create a risk (we use high voltages on stage), we reserve the right to terminate the performance at any stage, either temporarily or as a final measure. If you are using a marquee for your event, please make sure that the structure is safe, stable and water-tight. Please see our cancellation terms for details of payments due in these circumstances. We recommend that event organisers consider event insurance to cover this risk.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, the band have PLI, details of which can be provided upon request.