About Us - live covers band from Bromley, Kent for your wedding, party or function. We create an electric atmosphere in the venue. Live music as it should be...

Stu: Vocals & Bass


Yes, we realise it's a bit unusual to have the singer also play bass, but if Sting can make a career out of it...

We managed to drag Stu away from loitering in front of Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage long enough to get him to learn the band's set and bring his unique talents to you. His musical taste is heavily influenced by Queen, Kasabian, Foo Fighters as well as many others.

He can often be heard passing his wisdom on to anyone who will listen, such as; "you shouldn't just hear the bass, you should feel it" and "the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys".

You'll also hear him taking about his time as a ski instructor whenever there's a sniff of snow in the air, "did I tell you about..."

Matt: Guitar & Vocals


"Steady Fingers Matt" loves to keep everyone guessing... just when you think he's given all he can, out pops another harmonic layer.

When not rocking with Band de Jour, Matt runs barebones Guitar Amps (www.barebonesAmps.co.uk). You'll often find him sniffing around the back of the band's amplifiers, soldering iron in hand, looking for a way to squeeze a few more decibels out.

Matt's favourite show is The Big Bang Theory, although he insists that he can not relate to any of the characters or storylines. His favourite past-time is keeping his household of women, currently numbering five, in check. After the disappointment of inheriting yet another female in the shape of their new labrador, Matt finds solace in the thought that at least one of their tropical fish must be male.


Paul (Custard): Drums & Vocals


"Custard" (to his friends and those in the music business) cut his teeth on the Camden indie scene for a decade with his old band, "Lemonade Handgrenade", supporting acts like Feeder and the Stereophonics (before they became famous).

Having then signed to Nude records with "LoFi crooners Lowgold", he then left to try his luck at motorbike road racing, where he raceed against (and was well & truly beaten by) future world champions James Toseland and Casey Stoner in their early careers. Realising that drums were a bit safer, he returned to dishing out concussion to others via 'the tubs'.

Alongside his role providing the heartbeat to Band de Jour, he also DJs house trance and techno under the pseudonym DJ Custard, playing at many club nights on the London underground rave scene and with recently trance releases on dance label Discover Records with the production collaboration Nexus 3.